When Your Business Has Challenges, Mr. Biz Has Your Solutions!

When Your Business Has Challenges, Mr. Biz Has Your Solutions!

Very few people would give up a high paying corporate job to help others. We seek comfort through our job and the money we earn, but sometimes we have a higher calling to help people. This was the case for Ken Wentworth, aka “Mr. Biz” ®, who was near the top of the corporate ladder at a Fortune 15 company, but gave it all up to start his own company.

“I worked at a Fortune 15 company for 20+ years. However, I always wanted to run my own business. During a 46-floor elevator ride in midtown Manhattan, I realized how much more I could be doing outside of the corporate world. That moment inspired me to act on my passion and leave my comfort zone to begin my business. I resigned without even knowing what business I was going to start. With the help of a mentor, I decided to utilize my financial & business expertise by becoming a Fractional CFO with a focus on helping people run their businesses more profitably and more efficiently. I know without a doubt what I do now is what I am supposed to be doing, ” Ken explains.

Mr. Biz ®, currently runs a business called Mr. Biz Solutions. With his background and experience in the world of finance and business, Ken partners with owners to help them accelerate their growth or clear hurdles they may have encountered.

“I run an On-Demand CFO (Chief Financial Officer) business. My business takes many forms. I am able to help people one-on-one where I work directly with business owners to help them grow their companies to new levels. I also have an online membership program where myself and experts in five other business areas help owners virtually. This is a great affordable option for people who don’t quite have the budget for a one-on-one consultant. Finally, I also have a 6-week online class where people can learn at their own pace while also having live sessions to ask questions,” Wentworth remarks.

At the end of the day, what pushed Ken to start this business, above everything else, was to be able to help more people. He knew that the corporate world would be incredibly limiting in his capacity to make a true difference in other businesses and people’s lives.

“What motivated me to leave was that I just knew I could be helping more people and I knew in the corporate world that was going to be severely limited. I had reached the top 3% of the company and my growth window was shrinking. I knew there had to be a way I could use the knowledge and expertise I had garnered over 20+ years to help more people. I just didn’t know what that was at first,” Ken comments.

In addition to being an accomplished businessperson in guiding companies to a better path, Mr. Biz ® is also a 6-time World Record holder in powerlifting, a two-time bestselling author (“Pathway to Profits” and “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro”), keynote speaker and the host of his award-winning show, Mr. Biz Radio. This speaks to his world-class discipline and perseverance in getting things done even in the inevitable face of adversity.

“I have broken six World Records in the powerlifting world; I’ve written two bestselling books. I also have two books in the works – Part II of “Pathway to Profits” and a book on how to reach your full potential. However, my two big goals in 2021 are specifically helping veterans business owners as well as women business owners. As we were going through the pandemic in 2020, I noticed those two groups of business owners seemed to be deeply affected by the economic hardship of the pandemic, so I want to make sure that I help as many of them in 2021 as I can,” Wentworth details.

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