Jeremy Anderson Was a Complicated Child But When His Teachers Believed in Him He Changed: Now He Works To Inspire Hundreds of Students With His Story and Businesses

Jeremy Anderson Was a Complicated Child But When His Teachers Believed in Him He Changed: Now He Works To Inspire Hundreds of Students With His Story and Businesses

Jeremy Anderson runs an educational consulting firm and a trucking business. His business ventures started after he decided to take a risk and launch a public speaking career to inspire others.

Jeremy’s mother was 16 when she had him and he grew up without a father figure. Through his early life, he went through different schools, depression, and drugs and alcohol abuse. In his last school, a group of teachers saw something special in him and their refusal to give up on him changed his life.

Soon after, he became part of the student government and was able to graduate high school on time. He then went on to college and earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Work, for which he later earned his graduate and master’s degrees.

I knew my story would inspire millions of people around the world, but I had to be willing to take risks and make some necessary sacrifices for the betterment of others.” Jeremy shares.

Today, Jeremy is the CEO of The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC, an educational consulting firm through which he has been able to reach one million students and work with hundreds of schools.

Over the years I have become one of the leading motivational speakers in the educational field. Schools bring me in to motivate and inspire their students. Students relate to me because of my down-to-earth style and powerful presentation.” 

Jeremy’s public speaking projects are not only tailored to the students, but also to the teachers in many schools. 

Schools all over the country also bring me in to train and motivate their teachers. My professional development for educators will make them laugh, cry and feel inspired. I have a deep passion for educators because I remember how they changed my life. I truly feel that teachers are heroes.” He adds.

Indeed, because Jeremy believes that all teachers are heroes, he planned to send several teachers across the country on an all-expense paid vacation with Royal Caribbean through the Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC. 

Not only did we send the teachers, but we also paid for a guest of their choice to accompany them. We went out of our way to make them feel special, so we sent them a limo to the airport and back home, and paid for two round-trip flights, as well as the entire cruise vacation.” 

Likewise, Jeremy along with his company created a K-12 character curriculum called, Next Level Student. Their social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum has been a game-changer for schools across the United States.

Besides this, Jeremy and his wife diversified their businesses and expanded in order to launch a trucking company by the name of Next Level Trucking, Co. At the moment, they have 18-wheelers that haul freight all over the Southeast.

Because the trucking industry is the backbone of our country, we knew this was a great opportunity for us to build passive income that would soon become massive generational wealth. We believe that it takes money to make money so we allowed our money to work for us. We started with one truck, hired a driver and the company grew from there.” Jeremy explains.

One thing that characterizes Jeremy and his wife is that they have always had a passion for helping those less fortunate so they also have a non-profit company NEXT LEVEL LIVING Incorporated based in the United States and South Africa. Through this company they feed children in impoverished communities regularly, as well as sponsor children in schools and faith-based events.

Our deep desire to have an impact on the world is what moved my wife and I to start my speaking and consulting career. Most people think I’m just a motivational speaker, but the work I do is so much more than that. My messages, programs, and curricula are changing the directory of countless lives and their future generations.” Jeremy says.

When it comes to competition, Jeremy believes that there is none in the motivational speaking arena because everyone does work that is important and has the potential to have an impact on the lives of others.

“I will say I am different because I would speak for free. I am passionate about changing lives, and unfortunately many speakers today are in it for financial gain. Another way I differentiate myself from other speakers is that I have lived, and have experienced low levels in life, and high levels of success, but I can still walk into any school and connect with all students, regardless of their skin tone, and background.” Jeremy states.

Jeremy’s upcoming projects include the recent launch of Next Level Speakers Academy, where he trains the next generation of speakers. They are also working on launching a digital platform for their SEL Character Curriculum. Lastly, since his wife is passionate about real estate, they are also working on creating their Next Level Real Estate program soon. 

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