The Hero Project Was Created By Adam Jablin to Help Former Addicts and People With Mental Illnesses Like Himself Learn the Same Habits that Have Helped Adam Himself.

The Hero Project Was Created By Adam Jablin to Help Former Addicts and People With Mental Illnesses Like Himself Learn the Same Habits that Have Helped Adam Himself.

Adversity is both a difficult thing to overcome and crucial when forming who you are as a person. Though it can be a challenging time to get through, the things that it can teach you are irreplaceable. This is the mentality that Adam Jablin uses in his coaching business.

Adam has had a rocky road to success. As someone who struggled with numerous mental illnesses and addiction, he knows first hand what struggling against adversity feels like. However, he also knows what it is like to come out on the other side and what it takes to do just that.

“For me, I believe to overcome adversity and take that step on to greatness, I have to LEAN IN to the pain. Lean into the uncomfort. Have difficult conversations and moments. Learn to get uncomfortable. This is what My Coaching–The Hero Project is ALL ABOUT!” Adam explains.

Adam’s coaching style is much different than other coaches because he speaks candidly about what he did to help him overcome his own addiction. His first step was always to look back into his thoughts and think about all of the difficult times he had and what he did to get past them. He focuses on meditation and routines as well to help him get through his hard moments.

“The main thing I do is look at how far I have come from my deep dark past. I see how I got through those tough times, mentally, spiritually and physically. It takes a LEAP OF FAITH! First thing I do is sit with it for a bit. Process what is really happening in my life. Next, I’ll share with my mentor and/or close friends. Now I have cut the problem in half. After that I will lay out a plan of action on how to work through the adversity! Notice I said the word THROUGH. Emotional resilience is where the rubber meets the road. For me, I say emotional sobriety, but they are truly ONE & THE SAME!!” Adam remarks.

For Adam, his lifestyle is all about changing our habits to what he calls “uncommon sense”. In other words, making the things we are used to doing unnatural to our routines. Instead, people must focus on embodying what they hope to be.

“Habits are our brain’s way of increasing its efficiency. Our brain turns daily DECISIONS and behaviors into habits, so we would do them automatically and without too much thought – thus freeing up our minds for other more important challenges. I believe in attacking our habits. Attacking, meaning putting all your energy into these decisions and behaviors you want to change. Don’t allow any wiggle room. No Excuses. Be accountable!!!!!” Adam exclaims.

In addition to this, Adam recommends starting good habits to get you in good routines and a good mindset. Having a good mindset at the start of the day or even right before you go to bed can be a game changer. Adam personally starts his day off with meditation in order to get going and ensure that he has a thoughtful mindset when approaching the rest of his morning.

“For me personally, starting my day with 20 minutes of meditation and visualization has been a major game changer! Write down your dream life. Take Action–and I mean anything that supports your dream life. Believe–like an actor does for a role. Go for Method Actors. Become the role! (Act As If),” Adam advises.

Adam is continuing to do what he does best and assist more people in whatever is hurting them. To find out more about Adam, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.