Carolina Real is a Beauty and Fashion Influencer Who is Dedicated to Giving Her Clients a Real Look into the World of Beauty by Only Detailing Products She Actually Uses.

Carolina Real is a Beauty and Fashion Influencer Who is Dedicated to Giving Her Clients a Real Look into the World of Beauty by Only Detailing Products She Actually Uses.

With the advent of the internet the world in all aspects changed. There are new ways to buy and sell products and services, new ways to make a living and collaborate with people, and also new ways to promote trends with charisma and personality.

Carolina Real is a half Mexican and half Nicaraguan beauty and fashion influencer. She works in the fashion, beauty and wellness industries creating content for different brands. Her parents, both journalists, moved around the world often and by the time she was 12, she had already lived in four different countries.

I partner with fashion, beauty and wellness brands to create well-versed, engaging and eye-catching content to attract new visitors to their site and ultimately generate revenue for the brand I’m working with.” Carolina shares.

Both due to her upbringing and the things that she got involved in later in life, Carolina was no stranger to creativity. That is what led her to the career path that she is now on in the influencer world.

“I’ve always been a creative person. Designing and creating is something I have always done since I was young. I got my BFA degree in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design in NYC,” Carolina recounts.

As a content creator, Carolina focuses on sharing her sources of inspiration, style advice, product reviews, brand launches and event coverage in the hopes of inspiring her followers to be the best version of themselves and follow her steps.

“I enjoy creating beautiful content, but most importantly I am driven by a genuine message. I have used my experience and credibility to give an honest opinion, build trust and develop my own point of view.” Carolina says and adds. “From a brand standpoint, I understand the importance of partnering with an influencer that is aligned with the brands’ target market. I have found that consumers like to feel like they can relate to the influencer on a personal level. And from a customer standpoint I don’t like to feel sold to so when I create content for brands I give genuine reviews. If there is one thing that speaks strongly to me as a consumer, it’s the combination of trust and value I get from the brand.”

Carolina is an influencer who has always prided herself on transparency and being genuine. Unlike many others, she is truly focused on the things that have worked for her and not just random beauty products.

“I have documented my entire journey as I have become a beauty and fashion influencer. My perspective while working with lifestyle and beauty brands comes from the point of view of a working fashion girl that keeps up with the latest beauty trends while working a full time job in the fashion industry,” Carolina says.

Carolina also runs, a lifestyle blog where she teaches ways to elevate people’s style, amplify beauty routines, and inspire her readers to transform into the best versions of themselves. 

“I have a real community made up of people from the United States and South America that I have grown organically. I love what I do and feel very grateful to have a platform that allows me to connect with people from all over the world.” She explains.

From a very early age, Carolina has loved being in front of and behind the cameras testing new beauty products to show and share them to her friends. This has been a source of motivation that has developed more since the emergence of Instagram with which she has been able to monetize that hobby through influencer marketing. 

Instagram was a tool that I could use to make money in my free time doing what I love. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and always thinking of ways to be my own boss and be in control of my own time.” Carolina recounts.

As far as the blog is concerned, Carolina comments that she initially saw it as a hobby and had no plans for it to become a business. But once it did, her passion fueled her work.

It’s a great feeling when you get compensated for the work you create and that gives you the confidence and motivation you need to keep going. As I evolve as a person, so does my content.” She comments.

Despite having graduated in Interior Design, Carolina was always interested in the fashion industry and photography so she often modeled for her friends who studied photography or studied fashion design.

In addition, Carolina always felt comfortable in front of a camera lens having grown up surrounded by cameras due to her father’s profession as a videographer and both parents being journalists.

As time went by after graduating, she got an internship in an architectural firm that assigned her a project to remodel a fashion showroom. Soon after, Carolina was working in that same showroom as the fashion designer’s assistant, and from that moment on she grew her career in the fashion industry to get to where she is now.

Working in a small company has given me the opportunity to wear many hats. At times I am a designer, photographer and stylist, all skills that have helped me build my own personal brand.” Carolina states.

Carolina believes that she differentiates herself from her competitors by how she handles information. The same content can be conveyed and interpreted by many people differently. How she does it makes her unique. 

What sets me apart from the rest is my point of view and my diversity of followers. I understand the importance of representing a diverse group of people, places and things in advertising. Different messages resonate with different audiences, just as different marketing channels require different types of content. When I partner with a brand, I help them tell their story in an authentic way.” She says.

Carolina is now working on what she says is the biggest project of her life. To keep up with all that she is doing and to find out more about Carolina and the products she is using right now, follow her here