Meet Michael Fraser: The Former Anxious Entrepreneur Who Is Changing The Wellness Industry From The Inside Out

Meet Michael Fraser: The Former Anxious Entrepreneur Who Is Changing The Wellness Industry From The Inside Out

From the outside, it looked like Michael Fraser had it all together in his high school years. He appeared to be an outgoing, athletic kid with lots of friends. In a job early in his career, he was promoted to real estate manager at just eighteen years old. In both cases, he was facing inner turmoil despite the put-together exterior. 

“I struggled heavily with learning in school. I grew up in a high-income neighborhood, raised in my blue-collar home that was a stark contrast to the surgeons, lawyers, and specialists living around us. The vacations, cars, and clothing I saw my peers being handed, motivated me to work hard and earn my own money to keep up. My high financial standards lead me to start a property maintenance business and get into real estate at the same time., which is where I had my first panic attack that changed the entire course of my life,” Michael says. 

Michael’s experience reframed everything he had worked for. He struggled with addiction and a cancer diagnosis. In 2015, he attended a Tony Robbins seminar and it sparked something inside him. Being surrounded by thousands of people also experiencing deep personal pain, he realized not only that he wanted to heal himself, but help others, too.

“From 2015 to 2019 my life rocketed in the direction of healing myself and others. I learned to meditate, sold my business, began teaching sound healing and meditation.  I invested my life-savings into coaches, training programs and healing modalities over this time so that I could get to a place of living my best life mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well as gaining the knowledge to help others,” Michael says. 

Now, Michael lives cancer and addiction free with full control of his anxiety, stress, and depression. He is proud to provide courses and 1-on-1 mentorship for clients suffering with anxiety or panic. All information, exercises and direction that he gives his clients is from years of personal testing and experimenting with different practices. He uses a wide array of approaches with his clients, including personal exercises, psychosensory therapies, meditation, mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

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“I help individuals naturally sooth, desensitize and conquer their anxiety or panic. I focus on teaching them different anxiety soothing tools to calm themselves, how to desensitize their anxiety triggers, and how to rewire the way they think about things and the symptoms they are experiencing. In addition, I work to help them gain clarity as to why they are experiencing anxiety or panic, create a daily practice that works for them, to keep their mind and body in a calm state, and finally, we create a plan for them to step forward in their life, leaving anxiety and panic behind!” Michael outlines. 

Michael’s work has brought him a great deal of superficial success in the case of finance and material means. Although this is what many will quantify as success, Michael doesn’t see it the same way. After selling his previous business and learning meditation, he came to realize that success is much more. 

“Success to me is really about staying true to my values, cultivating real relationships, and helping people with anxiety/panic take back control of their life. I feel so much joy and excitement when my clients message me and say things like “this is the first week in 11 years that I haven’t had anxiety”. To me that is the greatest feeling of success,” Michael says. 

In the coming months, Michael is looking forward to continuing his one-on-one mentorship with many clients and is also excited to be starting a group mentorship program, which will allow him to create courses that can be completed on each client’s own time and pace.

Michael’s Panic to Passion mentorship programs can be found on his website, and the most up to date announcements on his Instagram page.