Grow & Nourish Your Business with High Status Consulting. Businesswoman Sheka Johnson Helps You Improve Efficiency & Achieve Sustainability

Grow & Nourish Your Business with High Status Consulting. Businesswoman Sheka Johnson Helps You Improve Efficiency & Achieve Sustainability

Sheka Johnson is a businesswoman, involved in the entrepreneurial industry world since the age of 19. Throughout her career, she launched and scaled seven figure businesses. Along the way, she realized the significant wealth gap among people of color, especially women of color. With the motivation to change this, she used her skills and experience to launch High Status Consulting.

High Status is a consulting company that helps entrepreneurs improve their efficiency, meet their bottom line, and achieve sustainability. It offers services in the following areas: business consulting, personal coaching, skills training, marketing, management, and public relations.

Starting a business requires more than having an amazing idea. The idea can be valuable and ease many people’s lives, but if it’s not well executed, then it will ultimately fail. Nowadays, many starting companies reach for help to consolidate their projects and guarantee their growth.

High Status particularly helps businesses and communities that normally do not receive this type of help. They focus on startups, non-profit organizations, family businesses, and especially, companies owned by minorities and women. 

“As it gets harder and harder for small businesses, and entrepreneurs, to be as sound as they can be and run as efficiently as possible. Efficiency provides sustainability which will ultimately lead to you accomplishing your goals and dreams”, states Sheka.

Most of their clients began when High Status was established, and continued their relationship many years later. High Status has seen their clients grow and nourish, and wants to help more to accomplish the same. 

To all who are thinking of starting their own business, Sheka has a list of 5 key aspects to take into consideration:

  1. Stop worrying about what others think of you.
  2. Refrain from procrastinating. It’s hard! But that will help you to focus on your goals.
  3. Stop wishing things, and get them done. Not in a perfectionist way, but in a way that you can measure your progress.
  4. Stop worrying about external support. There will always be people who support us and some that don’t. We need to focus on the first type.
  5. Hire a coach to help you on your journey and to develop strategies to restrain self-doubting thoughts. 

High Status Consulting is here to help you with all of these aspects and consolidate your idea and turn it into a prosperous business. Sheka believes that “deeply, we always have the strength to get back up or to make the right decision even if we’re scared to do so. When we are second guessing ourselves, having limiting beliefs, procrastinating and being double minded in decision making is when we are trying to sabotage ourselves. And then, it’s time to take action and stop those doubting thoughts.”

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