Chris Groves and Groves Capital are Finding New and Improved Ways to Help People Get the Loan that is Right for Them

Chris Groves and Groves Capital are Finding New and Improved Ways to Help People Get the Loan that is Right for Them

To say that the market is a bit up and down right now would be an understatement! Buying houses, cars, and other expensive items and finding the proper loan tools for you can be a major struggle in this market. However, there are many solutions out there that can help guide people through the process of getting loans. One of these is Groves Capital founded by Chris Groves.

Groves Capital was created by Chris in order to help people find the right solutions needed for them when finding a loan. To date, they have over 160 lenders on their website who are connected to thousands of customers to find a solution that fits everyone’s needs. Their business also covers 22 states and consists of 575 loan officers who are ready to help!

“Groves Capital has over 160 lenders on their platform which give each client many solutions to finding the best loan product that fits their goals. Our loan officers are true professionals who take the time to qualify and focus on our clients goals to find the loan terms that best fit their needs!” Chris details.

Additionally, Chris now thinks it is the perfect time to buy a home even with the markets the way that they are. In the long run, very few people ever regret purchasing a home over renting due to the amount of money you save month to month.

“The USA market the last few years has had very low rates through the pandemic. Now that rates have come up to more of a typical rate they need to understand its part of our economy to increase rates to stabilize the housing market. It’s important for home buyers to understand their buying power and home ownership benefits when deciding if now is the time. In any case buying a home will always yield a positive return in the long term over paying someone else rent,” Chris remarks.

So if you are looking to make your next home purchase or your first, look no further than Groves Capital. Chris and Groves Capital go above and beyond the general call of duty when it comes to finding people the proper loan program for them. Chris explains that they tailor each and every option to meet the demands of the person they are working with. In other words, there is no blanket solution to everything, rather personalized and detailed plans.

“Our focus is to focus on our clients financial background and their big picture goals. We always have a consultant to go over all loan products, types and want our clients to be educated while having trust our goal is to help our clients accomplish their goals,” Chris states.

Chris even goes as far as to say that he recommends his way of doing loans and business through Groves Capital much more than a traditional bank. The reason for this is simple: options! Chris says more on why Groves Capital is the best choice:

“There are many advantages to coming to a lender like Groves Capital: such as options first, and foremost. We have 1,000 of loan products that most companies or banks have access to. The direct lending and bank platforms have lost competitive edge as their margins have slimed and rates have increased due to high overhead and labor cost. This gives the broker, and banker lending platforms the edge in this new market to give solution based lending while giving numerous options at the best market rates and terms. In addition when compared to the big banks the average close time for our company is 21 days whereas the banks average is 42 days, which can affect if sellers will accept your offers and keep to the contract timelines.”

To find out more about how you can get involved and find the loan that is right for you, check out Groves Capital’s website here.