Getting DMs About His Fitness Routine, Jay Jackson Realized He Could Use The Power Of Social Media And His Knowledge Of Proper Diet And Exercise To Create A Coaching Business To Help Others

Getting DMs About His Fitness Routine, Jay Jackson Realized He Could Use The Power Of Social Media And His Knowledge Of Proper Diet And Exercise To Create A Coaching Business To Help Others

Jay Jackson was an athlete from a young age who realized the importance of keeping your body fit through proper training. He was slowly beginning to publicize his routine and his habits when social media began to explode and everyone was looking to get involved. Jay knew he had an amazing opportunity to help people by combining his knowledge with this newfound tool.

“I grew up playing football and running track. Then I went to Georgia State University to get my exercise science degree. After graduating from GSU, I committed myself to growing my in-person personal training business in Buckhead Atlanta. I noticed a lot of people on social media started following me and reaching out to me about workout and meal plans. At that time, facebook and instagram were beginning to explode. I knew I could help a lot more people transform their body even if they didn’t stay here in Buckhead Atlanta. That’s when I started using my fat loss diet and muscle building workout methods to help entrepreneurs and business professionals shed fat and tone up using my virtual transformation programs,” Jay recounts.

Jay is not the type of trainer who tells people to stay away from the foods they love or tells them to spend hours in the gym, instead he has crafted a type of lifestyle that works for all people. This has led him to massive success and the ability to train celebrities and other famous entertainers. What makes him different from others, despite his innovative ideas, is his attention to detail.

“I understand that everyone’s body and lifestyle is unique, and I know how to create plans that align with each person’s individual needs. That way they don’t have to suffer to get the results they want and keep them. I use a simple 3-step system to almost guarantee each client’s success. The system is centered around 1) goal specific nutrition 2) 30 minute intense strength training workouts 3) mapping out a lifestyle that aligns with each clients individual needs so that they get results and keep them. I also give my support to make sure they stay on track to achieve their goals,” Jay explains.

Not only for Jay, but for the entrepreneurs and business professionals he helps, mindset is incredibly important. If you do not have the right mindset when it comes to business and health, it can be very hard to achieve your goals.

“I believe mindset is everything when starting your fitness journey because with the right mindset you’ll understand that fitness is a journey of self-transformation. It’s not just about having the perfect diet and workout; it’s about being the future version of yourself, now. Meaning, to develop the habits of the future version of yourself in order to have the body and health you desire. It’s simple. But not easy. That’s why professionals like myself have a business. To guide, support and encourage people throughout their journey,” Jay remarks.

Jay has many amazing plans for the year to come including working on his second book as well as investing his business further in order to personalize routines for his customers and keep himself on top of the fitness game.

“My next project this year is to write my second book. My first book is called Gut To Abs which can be found on Secondly, my goal is to continue to build my audience, so that I can help more people transform their body and health by using my fat loss programs and coaching services. I differentiate myself by helping entrepreneurs and business professionals. And by continuing to invest in myself so that I can give more to my audience and clients. I continue to create new offers that help my audience,” Jay says.

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