Amera, An Artist With True Heart And Soul, Is Touching Lives Through Her Music

Amera, An Artist With True Heart And Soul, Is Touching Lives Through Her Music

Amera Simpson
is a young singer-songwriter who is breaking into the music industry. Her path began early on, as she started singing when she was only 5 years old. From putting on performances for her family and friends to writing her own songs, Amera has grown as an artist throughout the years. At the age of 13, Amera started composing original songs and joined her school’s choir. At 14, she began to write about more personal and vulnerable topics, and became fascinated with the art of photography. At 16, Amera realized the importance of the business side of music and became interested in learning more about this. At this point, her songwriting came more naturally and continued to develop. 

“I had gone through a rough time and music helped me get through it. I wrote songs with the intention of wanting to make anyone else out in the world who felt the same way I did, less alone. To make them feel like I was there for them, through this particular artistry,” says Amera. 

Despite doubtful family members that wanted her to take the typical straight path they had visualized for her, Amera found strength in her and in God to push forward. Amera creates music with the intention of taking people back to a time they have missed and to connect people emotionally. She prides herself in being an old soul who appreciates music with real instruments, raw vocals, and lots of soul. 

“I have a desire to touch souls with and through music and its artistry. Lyrics matter, musical instruments matter, & how you sound when you’re singing absolutely matters,” Amera states. 

Amera recently launched her new single called “Feeling Dumb,” which you can listen to here. Her next projects this year include an RnB album that she is currently in the process of making, as well as a short E.P. of songs about relationships that will be both relatable and fun to listen to. 

“What inspired me to get into this music industry was the desire to touch lives through music and to relate to people. I want to bring out of people what they can’t bring out of themselves through beautiful instruments, vocals, melodies, harmonies, and photography,” Amera shares. 

You can learn more about Amera by following her on Instagram here and following her on your preferred music platform. Her music is available on Apple Music here, or on Spotify here