Tiffany S. (Chism) Okirika, Founder And CEO Of Marketing Technology Firm SkySpace Global, Has Generated Over 35 Million Dollars For It’s Clients

Tiffany S. (Chism) Okirika, Founder And CEO Of Marketing Technology Firm SkySpace Global, Has Generated Over 35 Million Dollars For It’s Clients

Tiffany S. (Chism) Okirika is the founder and CEO of SkySpace Global, which has generated over 35 million dollars for it’s clients; both SMB and Enterprise companies. She has worked with three of the leading industries’ “Big Tech Giants” and is continuously growing the Chicago-based Martech Firm. 

SkySpace Global is a ‘one hand to shake’ company. We manage all aspects of marketing automation and digital transformation. We don’t just focus on one platform or service. We are niche players in the Martech space. Not only are we  diversely certified, I’m diversely certified, and a Founder who rolls up my sleeves to get things done.” Tiffany states.

At the moment, Tiffany is working on a new technology that is currently in development stages. She is very excited to launch it later this year. In addition to building SkySpace Global, she has been carving out her time to focus her efforts to coach and mentor others on how to find their way in the tech industry. She is also making time to do more  discussions on the Clubhouse app, and webinars on technology-related topics. 

“My mentoring efforts in the past focused on Women, High School and College Students. Now, I am looking to divide some of that time to educate interested parties on possible pathways in Tech.” Tiffany shares.

For Tiffany, the inspiration to get in the tech industry is the same as the biggest obstacle she has faced with her business: adversity. But more than anything, she had an interest in technology and marketing and wanted to have her own project.

A lot of the work I did early in my career, as well as life experiences, led me to the industry. Growing up in the ’90s, I think we [children of the ’80s] had the best of both worlds as we saw the birth and transformation of the digital age. There’s a lot of opportunity for development or improvement, so it is exciting and inspiring.” Tiffany says.

Now that Tiffany is the CEO of SkySpace Global, while also being a mother, she is able to identify key challenges for anyone starting a business. The biggest one is time, or even more so, the lack thereof.

“As an individual you have so many ideas and new strategies you just want to execute. When you are passionate about something, it is the first thing you want to do when you wake up and the last thing you want to do before you go to bed. But there are only 24 hours in a day. As a mom of three, it takes quite a bit of planning and structure to make time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.” Tiffany explains.

But through it all, Tiffany has been able to accomplish what she wanted by having the right mindset and never forgetting her objectives. This has led her to success, which for her is to be able to share her journey and inspire others.

“Mindset is important. In fact, one of my favorite quotes by David Cushiery explains exactly why. ‘The mind is a very powerful force. It can either enslave us or empower us.’ We can let the circumstances control who we are, or we can control our circumstances and how we react. It is entirely up to the person in control. As a mentor, I educate people on the importance of self mind control.” Tiffany adds, and when it comes to fear, “it is a state of mind. If we learn to control our minds, we eventually learn how not to fear.”

Tiffany’s biggest motivation through it all is to have financial freedom, which for her means to be able to ensure that her children and children’s children will be set for life. She is on track to achieve this, having been nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2018, the We Are Tech Women 100 list in 2019 and 2020, and for the BPeace Women Forward in 2020, as well as being shortlisted for Outstanding Women mentors in the same   year.

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