The Jeremy Anderson Group Understands That Education Builds the Future: This is Why They Have Travelled The World Motivating Teachers and Students

The Jeremy Anderson Group Understands That Education Builds the Future: This is Why They Have Travelled The World Motivating Teachers and Students

Everyone recognizes that children are the future. This is why it is not hard to see people investing in education. But to help teachers and students foster progress in their classrooms, money is not the only thing that is needed. Motivation is key.

This is where The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC, comes in. This group is managed by Jeremy Anderson, a businessman and entrepreneur who, after going through several rough experiences, was able to find success in various industries. 

After seeing the struggles that many young people go through on a daily basis such as addictions, depression and low self-esteem, The Jeremy Anderson Group came about. 

The Jeremy Anderson Group is an educational consulting firm that motivates and inspires students around the world. Schools work with the firm to help their students overcome adversity, learn about the power of hard work, and understand that taking responsibility is important.

In 2018, The Jeremy Anderson Group set out the goal to reach and inspire one million students. That year the team traveled like never before and was able to meet the goal. to become over the years one of the leading motivational speakers in the educational field 

But in The Jeremy Anderson Group Jeremy, motivational speaking is also directed towards teachers who are considered heroes.

“I feel a deep passion for educators because I remember how they changed my life. I truly feel that teachers are heroes. After the success of my 2018 goal, I set the same goal of reaching 1 Million Teachers in 2019 and it was also met!” Jeremy Anderson, the founder of the firm shares.

Likewise, The Jeremy Anderson Group has taken it upon themselves to send several teachers on an all-expense-paid vacation across the country with Royal Caribbean where they can be accompanied by a guest of their choice.

In addition, the firm works closely with their founder, Jeremy Anderson, in his other company Next Level Students, which created a K-12 studies plan. 

Our social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum has been a game-changer for schools across the United States.” Jeremy Anderson says.

With the messages, programs and curricula developed by Next Level Students and The Jeremy Anderson Group, the lives of countless students and teachers as well as their future generations are changing. Educators are overworked and underpaid, and they have the perfect message and program that can give them the boost they need to give their children their best.

Jeremy Anderson is also the co-founder with his wife of Next Level Trucking, Co, a trucking business that owns several 18-wheelers that haul goods across the Southeast. They also created the non-profit company Next Level Living Incorporated which has its Headquarters in the United States and also in South Africa where they do excellent social work feeding children in impoverished communities on a regular basis, sponsor children in schools and support religious events.

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