Susana Quintero Knows Up Close the Importance of Credit: After Fixing Her Own Following the Pandemic, She Started a Credit Repair Business To Help Others Do the Same

Susana Quintero Knows Up Close the Importance of Credit: After Fixing Her Own Following the Pandemic, She Started a Credit Repair Business To Help Others Do the Same

Sometimes life puts people out of their comfort zone and tests them. From that, a new person can emerge with a different way of seeing life and a new plan to achieve not only personal success but also help others achieve their goals.

Susana Quintero came to the United States 23 years ago. She comes from a humble family where she was taught values and ambition. After she lost her family business during the pandemic, she learned how to fix credit scores. Now she runs Credit Repair305, a credit repair business to help people.

“We offer our customers solutions to improve their credit score and thus be able to opt for credit approval. Additionally, we provide opportunities for people who want to grow and start their own business as a credit repair agent and in turn continue helping others,” Susana says.

Susana began her journey at the age of 15. She had always been a woman with a lot of impetus, will to achieve great things, and a clear idea of improving her life and the lives of the people she loves.

In 2020 after Susana and her husband lost their limousine company they had built through years of hard work, like many others in the world, her husband started having problems with his credit. This pushed her to learn about credit repair, and once she saw the difference it made in her life, she decided to launch her Credit Repair305.

“I felt that God put in my life this wonderful company that I met through social media to repair my credit, and in just one year my life and that of my family has changed. I now know I can transform the quality of life of other families too,” Susana states.

What differentiates Susana’s business from others that are also dedicated to credit repair is the fact that she provides services with a great attention to detail, Moreover, she does not consider her customers just another number in the statistics.

I am a very detail-oriented woman. I love being able to attend to my clients and to accompany them from the moment they contact me. To me, they are not just another number,” she expresses.

After overcoming the many challenges that have populated her path, Susana definitely knows a thing or two about starting a business or brand. In particular, she knows what it takes to do so.

My advice to people starting their own business or brand is to venture into changes, discover new things, evaluate the market and the environment, and make sure that you know that if you fail, the worst that could happen is that you start again.” Susana shares.

As a credit repair expert, success for Susana means helping other people become financially independent–so they can provide for their families and achieve their goals and dreams. And she knows that this is hard to do.

When I decided to start this business there were many people who did not believe in me, but I decided to keep believing, keep fighting, and in a short time I began to see the first fruits of what I was achieving. That is the biggest obstacle you can overcome–fear if others do not believe.” Susana says, and adds, “I did believe in myself and in what I could achieve and now I’m still here with the desire to move forward and improve myself more and more. I am now looking forward to acquiring a house like I have always dreamed of, and build a legacy for my son.”

Susana’s next projects include continuing to learn every day to have more tools that allow her to help others transform their lives and that of their families with Credit Repair305. Moreover, she wants to provide others with a financial education that allows them to have stability and welfare. 

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