Powering Through Failure To Find Success: This Is The Story Of Jonathan Rivera And His Credit Repair Business

Powering Through Failure To Find Success: This Is The Story Of Jonathan Rivera And His Credit Repair Business

Failure is a part of life. Many people struggle with accepting it, but it is what teaches us the most about ourselves and how we can improve. This is what Jonathan Rivera discovered in his pursuit of the business world. It has helped him grow and become the person that he is today and helped him run a successful business.

“I’m not afraid of failure. In fact, I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success. I use that adversity to fuel my decisions, which lead to opportunities for my company to grow. I started Determined Credit Repair in February of this year, I have been able to keep the integrity of not only my business, but the integrity of the Credit Repair Industry as well. I understand the importance of communication, my clients appreciate the transparency I have instilled in to our employees, to continue to uphold what I see the vision to be, for our clients to have the best experience with me, and my company,” Jonathan states.

Jonathan was originally motivated to begin in the credit repair business when he experienced the horrors of the system itself. He was scammed and learned that he was not alone in suffering from failure in the credit repair system. He wanted to change that, so he began his own business.

“I was motivated by the plethora of horror stories I heard about in this industry. There’s a lot of poor communication, scammers etc. I was even scammed. I took that and figured the best way to change it, is to embark on the journey of learning the business, understanding I was once a victim of getting scammed online for Credit Repair, it caused me to want to learn the business myself, it was not easy, information is extremely guarded in this industry, I looked at that as adversity, and I love it, I overcame it,” Jonathan explains.

Though he has been incredibly successful with his business, it has not been easy. Jonathan had to overcome many obstacles including starting a business with little to no capital to begin his work.

“Trying to start a business with no capital is a quick route to failure, I made something out of nothing, there were days I didn’t know How I was going to pay my mortgage, and then we would get 7 clients in a day, staying positive, having a good support system is essential! It was difficult, but it motivated me to learn more about my craft. I understood that I had to master my craft, and provide massive value, to see the results I wanted Financially. Because I was in credit card debt, my credit was not good at that time, so I was not able to get any funding, I am thankful for it honestly, being comfortable can be your demise, I was comfortable in Corporate America, I could not end up homeless again like I was at one point in my life,” Jonathan recounts.

What helped him overcome this and build his path was his dedication to authenticity. Unlike other credit repair companies, Jonathan is determined to help people get better credit and do more with their lives thanks to their restored finances.

“Staying authentic makes me different. I post videos all the time about Credit Repair, How to understand your Fico Scores etc. I pride myself in making videos that provide education, I don’t hold information, I have 12 Mentorship students, and they know everything I know, that’s how you continue your level of success, by empowering others. We understand there’s competition, we focus more on continuing to educate and empower our communities near and far, we don’t have the local mentality, we make sure to touch as many people as possible. My current clients all have access to me, they can call me, text me, email me, I meet up with mentorship students also, I make sure my team works at the same level as me or higher, in my absence the machine must keep going,” Jonathan says.

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