Meet the Serial Entrepreneur Who Started To Apply Functional Neuroscience to Sports and Fitness: Jean Fallacara

Meet the Serial Entrepreneur Who Started To Apply Functional Neuroscience to Sports and Fitness: Jean Fallacara

In the world, there are people who are not satisfied with the way things are. Instead, they persist and foster new ways of seeing life and carrying out work. It is thanks to the drive of these people that we have seen advances in industries such as science. 

Jean Fallacara, is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach, neuroscientist, author, biohacker, and the editor of Biohacker Update magazine. While he gets a lot of attention as a motivational speaker, his deep root is science. He is the creator of Cyborggainz, a platform that uses functional neuroscience applied to sports and fitness.

I have changed the cold storage industry by bringing to the market the most advanced and safest Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer with self-diagnostic and backup refrigeration systems. In the sports industry by combining neuroscience with calisthenics, I have shown a new way to train for peak performance, helping athletes around the world push their limits. I recently acquired Biohackers Update magazine with the goal of unifying the scientific and biohacking communities, making them work in synergy.” Jean shares.

Indeed, Jean is a multifaceted and serial entrepreneur involved in various industries and businesses from biomedical science to mindset coaching. He has been motivated to do all these because he likes challenges and driving change through experimentation, applying scientific fundamentals to everything, similar to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the biological evolution of species. Jean considers all of this in particular as it relates to his work with athletes.

Great athletes think, train and thrive. Sport is 90% mental and 10% is physical. Building the right mental state to become an elite athlete is no easy task. From psychological preparation, mental skills, brain strategies, and wisdom, the world of sports is the ultimate business challenge. A kind of achievement for my career.” Jean says.

With years working as a coach supporting others, Jean understands the importance of mindset when venturing into any project. 

Mindset is everything.” Jean states “Continuously embrace change and continue to develop, while maintaining ideology and core beliefs. For many humans this is a paradox, but any visionary businessman has managed to embrace both. This means you should never settle for the status quo, set an internal irrepressible world to keep improving, and never focus on the competition.  If you look too much at competition you forget to make sure your core ideology is kept intact and chances are that your company will never enjoy long lasting success.”

After years of experience leading projects and companies, Jean can look back and identify obstacles he has overcome so far in his career, such as finding the right employees, partners and collaborators who are defined by the same focus on the core ideology and on driving change.

“Entrepreneurs’ challenge is they are defined by a mix of self confidence and self criticism. But you need constant self evaluation to motivate you to keep pushing the boundaries.” He adds. “The biggest obstacle to any business is to have partners capable of being totally immersed in work and become almost brainwashed in your commitment to the company. To have others truly dedicated to the vision.” 

Jean believes this is important when trying to achieve success, which for him is all about freedom. He states:

“Success is not driven by profit. It is guided by a core ideology and profit takes a backseat to that. Embrace pragmatic idealism, drive yourself as you drive your company’s monetary success by adhering to certain stands for something bigger! Being successful is having freedom!”

Precisely, Jean believes that the key to freedom comes from attaining financial freedom. He considers this true success–having the time to do all the things you want to do, whenever you want, with whom you want.

Moving forward, Jean is focusing on taking his biomedical corporation public, establishing Neuroscientific Calisthenics as the worldwide standard for learning skills in the fitness industry, and making Biohacker Update magazine the worldwide reference for biohackers and wellness enthusiasts.

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