Meet Priscilla La Ruffera: The Successful Mother, Realtor and Contractor Changing the Way the Construction Industry Works with PLR Construction

Meet Priscilla La Ruffera: The Successful Mother, Realtor and Contractor Changing the Way the Construction Industry Works with PLR Construction

Priscilla La Ruffera is a mother, contractor, and realtor. She is the CEO and founder of PLR Construction, a general contractor company that is licensed and insured to work in the State of Colorado and Florida. 

Priscilla’s company specializes in residential and commercial construction, project management, storm restoration, insurance negotiation, and any other project requirements from start to finish.

Priscilla is 23 years old and is the daughter of Mexican parents who immigrated to the United States in order to provide their children with a better future. She is a person faithful to her principles and values despite the obstacles and temptations that nowadays young people face and that could make them leave the right path

My parents taught me to be grateful, loyal and to work hard to achieve everything in life since we only have one. Even though I am on social media, I still have morals, values and I do not succumb to what is portrayed online.” Priscilla shares.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Priscilla is also a mother, which means that her work does not end when she leaves her company since being a mother is more than a job, it is a commitment in which the most important thing is to give your all in whatever you do 

It is not easy to be a mother and an entrepreneur because both are full-time jobs. It’s a 24/7 commitment to be able to run a successful business and at the same time raise a baby. In any case, it’s important to give your all in whatever you do in life. It makes every day full, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.” She explains.

Priscilla’s parents have been her source of inspiration and motivation as they have worked hard for what they wanted. They went from nothing to successful business owners that are still going strong today. 

This gave me the impetus to make them proud, but also to push myself in order to shape the best life possible. Nobody will stop you from what you want except yourself and this is something that I live with daily.” Priscilla states.

Priscilla’s father has been the fundamental piece and the one that has been the main reason for her business since he allowed his daughter to help him at work and she discovered the freedom of having her own business where the person is her own boss.

Construction is a creative industry and seeing what you can do with your own hands is always satisfying. The smile on people’s faces is something that keeps me going.” She says.

In her professional career, Priscilla has encountered different types of challenges but there will always be the one that can be categorized as the most difficult or important. In Priscilla’s case, the biggest challenge has been finding the balance between being a mother and an entrepreneur.

The biggest challenge of being a mother and an entrepreneur is finding the balance. It can be overwhelming and, if you don’t have the mindset, it’s easy to set yourself up for failure. It’s important to remember that we are human but positivity will overcome any struggle.” Priscilla shares.

Just as she learned and appreciated all that her parents did for her, Priscilla also hopes her child learns that entrepreneurship is not easy. It is a path that also has obstacles and every failure is one more step towards success.

Education is important and it can come in many ways, it is not just from school. I hope my daughter learns that entrepreneurship is not that easy. They will have failures and every failure is closer to success. With entrepreneurship it is possible to achieve financial freedom and the only limit is yourself.” Priscilla explains.

The biggest obstacle that Priscilla has overcome is being judged for thinking that her work should be done by a man and not by a woman. Construction industry is dominated by men, and this has affected her work at times. 

What sets Priscilla apart from her competitors is the passion and affection she brings to all of her work, as well as her business and everyone in her company. The construction industry has always had a bad reputation and she is always working to change that perspective.

We stand behind the work we do and that speaks volumes with our clients because they end up being loyal to us after their first project. From there, we get several referrals; something that is key in this business.” Priscilla states.

As far as future projects are concerned Priscilla wants to grow her company further, and is also working on real estate in Colorado. She believes real estate and construction go hand in hand and so there are a lot of opportunities to combine the two. 

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