Keerthi Krishnaiah- the Social Media Influencer and Actress in the Making

Keerthi Krishnaiah- the Social Media Influencer and Actress in the Making

Meet actress and social media influencer Keerthi Krishnaiah. Based in Michigan, working as  Post Production/Marketing assistant at Kyyba Films, Farmington – MI. Keerthi has been a well rounded artist since childhood. Born and raised in India but moved to America to fulfill all her dreams. She has been recognized by Indian Producer K. Mustafa, for her artist and acting skills. Throughout her career, Keerthi has been part of several commercials in the U.S like Zo’s Burger Steely Vapes., Detroit fashion shows etc., 

Currently, she has over 16,000 followers and has millions of views on instagram for her recreation of several netflix and movie clips through reels. For example, her most recognized reel was of her imitation of Pam from The Office, that recently went viral. On top of being an influencer, Keerthi also mentors other emerging artists and actresses on the career of acting, along with the possible challenges and hurdles one faces during their journey.

The influencer and acting world is very saturated and highly competitive, which is why it’s necessary to have a mentor like Keerthi, in order to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Even with the consistent pressure to deliver high-value content every time, Keerthi works hard in order to win the crown as top influencer along with the financial support she deserves. Keerthi has also taken up a workshop with the Hollywood Disney star Adrien R’mante at LA and has been certified in acting. 

“I believe acting runs in my blood and veins. What inspired me to become an influencer is so that every next generation could look up to me in the future and explain my story for their success.”

Currently, Keerthi, with her strong vision, focus, and motivation for her own professional growth, continues to work towards one day getting casted on an upcoming Netflix show. In the following months, she will continue to actively influence and mentor people on social media who are aspiring to become an actor/model, while garnering her own audience and fans on instagram.

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