Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services Teaches You How to Invest Properly & Increase Your Income

Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services Teaches You How to Invest Properly & Increase Your Income

Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services encourages people to invest in the market in the present and future. It provides information on how to best manage and act in different markets to achieve your financial goals.

This company’s motivation is to help people without enough expendable income. With expendable income, investment is the next step to help you thrive and achieve levels of financial freedom that you didn’t have before. And precisely, because there are so many people without enough income to find investment, financial freedom is not a possibility for them.

With more than 12 years of experience in the US, it helps investors to generate income that is safe, profitable, and dependable, with no experience required. It was founded by Alejandra Alvarado, a young Venezuelan businesswoman. 

After moving to the US to pursue her career as a business administrator, Alejandra found many friends and family who were unable to prosper due to insufficient income and lack of information about how to earn more money. 

Therefore, Kamehameha provides them the opportunity to increase their income, especially to those who need assistance with investment and advice on how they can take advantage of the market. With this, information will no longer be a barrier to access this world.

It has 2 main services: learning how to invest and just investing. Additionally, it has many investment options, like short term, or secure fixed assets in the long term, or investing in real estate. They are particularly specialized in real estate investments in Florida and Ohio, but it is available to people from all over the world.

Kamehameha stands out from other companies in the industry because it really shows that its goal is to help people. In their webpage, they have a free How to invest in the US guide for anyone to download. This quick document answers questions like how to begin investing in the US, what do you need to do so, what are the benefits and how is the process. Also, it informs how people from any country in Latin America and Spain can invest in the American market without living there. 

Alejandra’s success can be shown in her years of experience, in her 398 unit sales during 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and her performance of the 230 properties she manages. 

For the future, Alejandra hopes to stabilize their first multifamily 76 units, while continuing perfecting and growing Kamehameha’s team to assist more foreign investors. To achieve this, Alejandra remembers her children and the life she wants with them. She wants to be able to spend as much time as possible with them and she wants others to have the possibility to do the same.