Jumpstart Your New Fitness Journey With Coach Sean Maynard Global Fitness Coaching LLC’s The 3 NFH Method - Nutrition, Fitness, & Hormone Health

Jumpstart Your New Fitness Journey With Coach Sean Maynard Global Fitness Coaching LLC’s The 3 NFH Method - Nutrition, Fitness, & Hormone Health

Meet Sean Maynard- CEO of Global Fitness Coaching LLC, certified Integrative Nutritional Wellness & Hormone Health Practitioner and Master  Fitness  Instructor who has accumulated over 13 health/wellness certifications and accolades just in the past decade. Through Global Fitness Coaching LLC, Sean has successfully garnered hundreds clients searching for new solutions to help them look their best and most importantly feel their best.

Sean’s passion for fitness stemmed from health issues he faced at a young age. Due to poor diet, lack of exercise, on top of other health and metabolic conditions while running a BBQ restaurant, he almost had a heart attack at the age of 29. As a result, Sean took action to prevent any further health concerns by going on an extensive journey to learn everything about health optimization so he could improve his own and others’ along the way. 

After completing his first certifications, Sean started working with competitive athletes in physique, figure, and bodybuilding while still operating his restaurant. That’s when Sean realized that health and fitness was his calling and left the restaurant industry to fulfill his purpose in helping anyone with debilitating health issues just like he did in the past. In 2017 he finally identified a key component to helping men and women achieve their optimal health and fitness goals- – the 3 NFH Method (Nutrition Fitness and Hormones). As such, he materialized Global Fitness Coaching LLC around that one key component through a comprehensive program that looks at the body not only in a physical and nutritional sense, but in a physiological sense at the cellular level. With the right mindset, Sean was able to conquer a difficult time in life and transform his fear of starting fresh into a bright and healthier path- health wise and career wise.

Now with Global Fitness Coaching successfully operating, Sean has been able to identify several underlying factors in his clients health and provide guidance as a practitioner on how they can implement better nutritional habits to kick start their new routines. He also partnered with a functional medicine doctor and nutrition practitioner which allowed him to help his clients with a more comprehensive detailed experience and knowledge that most fitness companies don’t provide. 

Now, Sean continues to work directly with as many clients that struggle to meet their target or workout milestones and address their immediate issues relating to their overall health. He is also ramping up his outreach to others interested in the 3 NFH Method by launching an in-home training company in the Lehigh Valley PA area while working with World Gym to build a location in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

For more information on the Global Fitness Coaching LLC check out their website on www.globalfitnesscoaching.com and follow them on Instagram @globalcoachingllc