Jorge Medina Jr. is the Founder of Agol Worldwide, a U.S.-Based Company Made Up of Talented Young Entrepreneurs With Years of Experience in the Logistics Industry

Jorge Medina Jr. is the Founder of Agol Worldwide, a U.S.-Based Company Made Up of Talented Young Entrepreneurs With Years of Experience in the Logistics Industry

When people want to start a company or business it is necessary to take into account many things. In addition to the product or service that is to be sold, businesses have to consider their target audience, their packaging, the advertising and perhaps most importantly, the logistics. 

The logistics for a given business deal with the planning and management of the flow of materials in the most efficient way between suppliers and customers, including the creation and implementation of control and improvement systems. 

Today, logistics is a very important function in the business world, possibly due to the continuous growth of e-commerce. Jorge Medina Jr., who has been working in the logistics industry since the age of 19, is the founder of Agol Worldwide, a U.S.-based company created by a group of talented young entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the logistics industry. 

People can have a business with products or services that are quoted in high demand by consumers but if they don’t have the necessary logistics to meet that demand then the business will not be able to yield the necessary or desired results.

Jorge was motivated to create his company after realizing that the large companies he had worked for were unable to solve the logistics-related problems of many customers.

“The biggest challenge when starting Agol Worldwide was creating trust and building credibility.” Jorge shares, and adds, “My advice for those trying to start their own business is to not give up. Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

Agol Worldwide is dedicated to logistics, international air cargo, and time-critical logistics, specializing in express logistics of equipment related to the telecommunications industry, broadcast network equipment, automotive industry parts.

The company supports any logistics requirement of its customers and does so through the management of its exclusive and dedicated worldwide distributions and deliveries.

Agol Worldwide has different types of services that meet the expectations of its customers. If a last-minute courier is needed there are no better specialists in the field than those of Agol Worldwide, who know exactly what is required so that the products of customers are delivered safely and on time.

One of the excellent services offered by Agol Worldwide is the supply chain solutions service, which consists of a variety of value-added services such as picking, packing, equipment preparation, and distribution available in more than 48 countries. Agol Worldwide also has a dedicated cargo charter service where teams of charter flight experts will do whatever it takes to make the impossible possible. 

As the founder of Agol Worldwide, Jorge differentiates himself from his competitors because he simply loves what he does.

I am the hardest worker in the room, even as the founder I am still involved in all the operations, I simply love logistics. You can’t beat someone who loves his job.”

With this in mind, Jorge’s goal for the next few months is to continue growing Agol Worldwide so it reaches 10 million annual sales. Learn more about Jorge and Agol Worldwide here.