Ensure Your Dog Is Getting The Nutrients They Need With Buddy Bodega’s Multivitamin Dog Gravy

Ensure Your Dog Is Getting The Nutrients They Need With Buddy Bodega’s Multivitamin Dog Gravy

Every dog owner wants to provide the best for their pooch, especially when it comes to a nutritious diet. Yet how does the average owner know if their dog’s chow contains all the necessary nutrients for an active and long life? This is where Buddy Bodega’s proven formula comes in. Buddy Bodega’s Multivitamin Dog Gravy has all the essential ingredients for a healthy doggo, packaged as a simple liquid supplement that can be easily added to fodo’s daily chow. No matter your dog’s dietary needs or pickiness, Buddy Bodega has the solution, creating best-selling products for all breeds and ages.

“This product is designed to improve joint health, reduce scratching, improve digestive and immune function, and improve heart health,” Says the Buddy Bodega “I was deeply frustrated with the products available on the market, and decided to create something that would work not only for my best friend, but every dog and dog owner out there! Buddy Bodega’s tested formula will make your pooch happier and healthier, while relying on just a few, simple ingredients.”

Buddy Bodega’s secret ingredients include fish oil, flaxseed oil, organic apple cider, and manganese proteinate, all of which are essential for maintaining your dog’s health and wellbeing. The Buddy Bodega team refined their approach alongside fellow dog owners and veterinarians, incorporating ingredients that many name-brand foods lack. Fish oil is added to keep skin healthy, reducing irritation and scratching. Flaxseed oil, meanwhile, is great for keeping your dog’s immune system working, and is loaded with natural fiber and energy. Apple cider also aids in digestive health and regulating blood sugar levels. Finally, manganese proteinate can help strengthen bones and ligaments, preventing hip and joint issues later in your dog’s life.

“Combining all of these ingredients is an easy way to ensure your best friend is always performing at their best,” shares The Buddy Bodega. “Adding a food supplement like our supplement gravy can even reduce the potential for a lifelong health issue, without completely switching up brands or diets. Even picky pooches will get their way, with our series of tasty gravy flavors including salmon, steak, and chicken!”

Now, the Buddy Bodega team is working to bring their dog-loving superpowers to help shelters, setting up campaigns and donating funds and supplies to dogs in need around the world. With more than $21,000 donated so far, Buddy Bodega is propping up no-kill shelters and literally saving the lives of dogs like Oscar, a mexican mutt who was rescued from the hands of dog-fighters and taken into a shelter’s care. Now Oscar, along with hundreds of other lonely pups, is receiving the care he deserves with support from the Buddy Bodega and their many supporters, raising awareness via social media and driving donations to a just cause. 

If you’re interested in keeping your dog healthy or donating to a good cause, visit thebuddybodega.com to check out their incredible products. Besides their signature gravy, Buddy Bodega also makes hip clothing for pooches of all shapes and sizes, as well as matching kit for their proud owners! And for a limited time, all gravy orders come with Buddy Bodega’s durable dog toys, designed to keep your dog active and entertained all day long. With the Buddy Bodega’s wildly affordable prices and excellent customer support, it has never been easier to ensure that your dog is getting a well-balanced diet for a long and happy life!

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