Denisse Zuñiga Creates Entertaining and Motivational Content For Millions of Followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

Denisse Zuñiga Creates Entertaining and Motivational Content For Millions of Followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

The internet is a world where many things are possible not only digitally but also in real life. The internet is an industry that creates thousands of jobs through apps that allow people to develop their talents.

Denisse Zúñiga started in social media in 2019 working for a globally recognized company named Badabun.

Denisse focused on creating not only entertainment content but also using her platform to spread a message of family unity, love, and empathy for animals and people who are in vulnerable situations.

After some time Denisse now runs her Instagram account with 1.3 million followers with whom she shares her day-to-day life and is almost on par with her YouTube channel with 1.6 million subscribers.

“I create content on various social networks (Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube) and collaborate with different national and international commercial brands. I also use my Instagram as a platform through my stories to motivate people and also to support / help sectors of society that need it or promote animal rescue / aid.” Denisse shares.

When Denisse was finishing her university studies in international relations and since she had worked in a customs office, she felt the need to do something that would allow her to get closer to people. 

In 2019 she started making videos on YouTube for a company named Badabun where she also was able to collaborate with her sister Andrea Zuniga. Currently, Denisse is collaborating with different associations that support causes that seek to aid refugees and homeless people, as well as rescuing and giving a new opportunity to animals. 

For Denisse, one of the biggest challenges has been creating content that can be consumed by the whole family, to gain the constant support of the people who follow her, and to be as transparent as possible to generate trust in people.

Denisse is convinced that family is the most important thing, being the basis of people’s lives. In her case, her parents along with her sisters have been the most important parts of her life, and thanks to them she is what she is today.

What makes Denisse different from other content creators is the fact that she wants society to have more empathy and solidarity with the needs of people who are in vulnerable situations.

“In the near future, my goal is to have my own association in support of any of these issues, this on a personal level. For work, I want to continue creating content for my platforms and, God willing, to release a song of my own.” Denisse says.

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