Chris Groves Reveals How His Values And Work Ethic Were The Key To His Success

Chris Groves Reveals How His Values And Work Ethic Were The Key To His Success

Chris Groves is the perfect example of how discipline leads to success. Chris came from a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin and didn’t have the help, nor took a dime from anyone, to get to where he is. Through hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, he has become the owner and CEO of the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States – Groves Capital

Groves Capital is a lending company, both residential and commercial, that is in almost 20 states and is made up of 200 loan offers / 85 processors. As a virtual and family owned business between Chris and his wife, Aleyna Groves, it is focused on maximizing clients’ savings and satisfaction.

When asked about his motivations to start this business, Chris shares: 

“I saw a change in real estate as it began to transition to virtual platforms. Mortgage requires more of a strategist mindset which isn’t easy to accomplish online; it requires more hands on and creative thinking. My goal was to create a platform for long term partnership. That means changing as the market and economy changes in order to be the best fit for our partners.”

In addition to this, Aleyna is the best loan officer Chris knows. Hence, while Aleyna knows loans, Chris knows how to build companies. They have been able to bring their talents together, and own and operate the company as a team. For Chris, one of the most important factors in business, and in life, is creating a good reputation. While he didn’t come from a wealthy family or easy circumstances, Chris was always taught the importance of work ethic. This is why he has pushed so hard in order to grow Groves Capital and develop an amazing reputation. As Chris shares on the topic:

“That takes energy, confidence and a new way of doing things. We modify our systems almost daily to give our loan officers solutions. The tough part is learning how to scale it, to keep the same level of service as we grow. So we have focused on growing our support team as we grow our loan officers partnership.”

During this year, Chris and his team plan to launch a third party processing company called “United Wholesale Processing,” as well as a third party funding company. Their goal is to be fully delegated by late Summer, which means having their own underwriters in-house. 

Chris has put a tremendous amount of work into not only creating Groves Capital, but also in making it grow. However, Chris emphasizes the importance of having tunnel vision and putting in the necessary work in order to be able to reap the benefits. 

“You will have to sacrifice your time, your friends, and even your family at times. It will be difficult and you will be running on fumes, but if you keep pushing, it will be worth the effort. The bottom line is you have to take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions. You can’t blame everyone else if things don’t go right. Your happiness and your success are on you as an individual,” says Chris. 

This is why, for Chris, success means achieving a level that most people will never get to because they aren’t willing to put in the effort. Hence, while Chris is able to achieve daily income that is not directly correlated to hourly work, he attributes his success to his unrelenting efforts and discipline. In fact, Chris always relies on the quote “Success isn’t for everyone.”

“It’s a choice you have to make every day and keep in your mind every night. There is light at the end, but most give up before they get there and blame the economy, their family, addictions, etc. We all need to take that responsibility on ourselves. Then you will achieve true success,” shares Chris. 

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