Charles Truvillion, AKA the Credit Chef, Has a Backstory of Trial and Failure that Inspires Us All To Keep Following Our Dreams.

Charles Truvillion, AKA the Credit Chef, Has a Backstory of Trial and Failure that Inspires Us All To Keep Following Our Dreams.

Charles Truvillion was content being a chef. He was not professionally trained, but learned how to be great by watching the Food Network and trying over and over again to learn how to be better. He thought that this would be how he spent the rest of his life until he met a mentor that would change his life.

“I was a self taught chef who learned from watching Food Network many hours per day. Everyone loved my food and my mixture of different flavors from across the world. Prior to becoming a private chef my rich dad always said never get a credit card, always pay cash. So I lived that way until I met my credit dad once I moved to Atlanta GA. My credit dad taught me everything about credit, how to manage it and how it could help me in the future,” Charles recounts.

Though this mentor passed away shortly, that seed that he planted in Charles’ mind never went away. However, he lost his way for a bit. He was concerned that he didn’t have what it takes to make it in the corporate world.

“A few years later, he passed away. Not thinking I had enough knowledge, I kept being a chef on the side while I worked in corporate America. Unfortunately I lost my job in 2011 and I had to be a chef full time,” Charles explains.

This was an incredibly low point for Charles. He had lost his way, but an opportunity then struck. At a dinner, he was asked to help someone out with their credit and that was his chance to shine and show himself and the corporate world what he was capable of.

“While at an event, they were asking about fixing credit and getting loans, so I offered some information. I offered to help for free because, due to me getting a DUI in 2013, I didn’t think many people would take me seriously. I struggled with entrepreneurship in Atlanta, so I decided to take my talents to Las Vegas, NV. Upon settlement, one of my mentors said you should call yourself The Credit Chef because you cook and help repair clients’ credit. A lightbulb went off and I trademarked my name and ran full speed. So far we have helped over 5000 clients repair their credit in the past six years,” Charles states.

Now an expert in the field and helping thousands of people earn better credit, Charles loves the thrill of seeing people’s lives changed for the better after he is able to work with them. There is nothing that brings him or his business more joy than that.

“Many of my clients have started their very own businesses and some have purchased their first home. The enjoyment I get from helping a consumer increase their credit scores is far more satisfying than enhancing their palate. We help them Taste the Outcome of healthy credit,” Charles says.

If you need help getting your credit on track or want some financial advice to improve your credit, look no further than the credit chef himself. To find out more about Charles and his business, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.