Brandon Young Found Success Where Few Could During The Difficult Year Of 2020. Find Out More Below

Brandon Young Found Success Where Few Could During The Difficult Year Of 2020. Find Out More Below

2020 was a tough year for many of us. With the pandemic raging, many businesses were hit hard as they attempted to adjust. For Brandon Young, however, 2020 ended up being his breakthrough year which led him to more growth and success than what he had previously done over the past five years.

“I started in 2015 while working my 9-5 job at the time and saw growth in 2020. 2020 was our breakthrough moment. This year has allowed me to see the bigger picture and importance of helping others and giving back. My responsibility has increased.  I am driven by the want to add value to my professional and personal life as well as the need to represent the many diverse businesses. It made me realize that I have to raise the bar. I am a voice for many.  I work in the energy sector, where my company provides an array of PMO services: project and construction management; project controls and scheduling.  Additionally, we develop unique technology solutions for many entrepreneurs and businesses which is the foundation for how I founded Young Management & Consulting (YMC).   I have the vision of bridging the gap between technology, construction and project management along with creating unique processes that allows introverts and extroverts to cohesively work together to create amazing products and solve the problems of the world. ,” Brandon explains.

In 2020 YMC added 7 new team members, 10 new clients and over 15 projects.  Additionally we donated over $25,000 to local charities.  “We were able to leverage our relationships, diversity along with our navy seals approach to projects.  We do what it takes to get stuff done.”  Aside from being small and diverse, YMC truly knows the work and how to effectively solve the needs of their clients.  We are very thankful for the companies that are pushing the agenda to support small and diverse businesses, there is no Young Management & Consulting without the diversity initiatives being pushed. YMC’s technology expertise allowed the company to pivot quickly to a rapidly growing virtual working environment. Though Brandon has had an incredible year, Brandon has had a hard time building a team along with ensuring the processes put in place are scalable to support the billion dollar client led operations.  He has had to look for people with an incredible skill set and dedication to the same work he has.

“My team is not completely built out, it’s been challenging . People are a company’s number one asset next to their clients.  It’s challenging to find the right profile and team member.  There is limited talent in the energy and technology sector.  Many companies are fighting for the same resources.  Motivation hasn’t been that challenging, finding someone who thinks like me but has their own unique style to do things their way is challenging.  It’s hard to find someone that can fill  my shoes in a system that is still in development while projects are in flight.  Luckily, everyone on my team shares the motivation and common goal to succeed for our clients and we all share the same vision and dream.   A dream once solely mine is now a shared dream amongst all that work at Young Management & Consulting and that is amazing,” Brandon states.

However, despite all of these challenges, Brandon has been able to come out on top of a very difficult situation. He credits this to his teams hard work and dedication as well as the flexibility that comes out of being a small business owner.  

“We are a small business that can pivot and adjust to the needs of our clients or employees quickly unlike larger corporations.  Our leadership has all worked at larger corporations.  Our team is small, but we have strong processes in place that allow us to offer multiple solutions and add value. We call ourselves the navy seals team, for how we do business. “Lean, strong, organized and structured and we have the technical know-how,” Brandon remarks.

With so much on the horizon for Brandon, he has numerous things planned for the upcoming year. He wants to continue to grow his business and his clientele as he moves further into the year. 

“My goal is to continue to add value to customers, strategically. I would like to add more staff and projects to my team. I want to continue to give back to the community and seek company to company mentee and mentorship. My ultimate goal is to be a key provider to big companies,” Brandon says.

To find out more about Brandon and his company, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his company’s website here.